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Graduate Teams - Assistance Dogs Northwest

Our Graduate Teams

Doernbecher Children’s Hospital & Hospital Facility Dog Hope

“Hope’s presence has changed the mood of the whole hospital,” says Sandy Westfall, Hope’s handler and Child Life Program Manager. “She brightens the atmosphere everywhere she goes.” She snuggles with patients in their hospital beds, sits patiently by patients receiving chemotherapy, and makes children smile when nothing else can. “She brings so much joy and love to our kids,” says Sandy. “Her daily visits give them something to look forward to.”

Hope with Child

Child and Hospital Facility Dog Hope


Camp Korey & Facility Dog Aussie

Aussie is a full time facility dog at Camp Korey during the summer season. He is part of the Pet Therapy program, greeting children when they arrive to camp, cheering them up when they are feeling a bit homesick, or visiting them in the camp medical center. Aussie is an integral part of the camp’s mission to help children and families experience all the joys and adventures of childhood.  


Campers and Facility Dog Aussie

Ian & Service Dog Nelson

Ian is seven years old and has cerebral palsy and autism. Like many children, he was anxious about going to school. Just before starting 1st grade, he received his Service Dog, Nelson, and told his mom, “I finally have a best friend.” Nelson accompanies Ian to school each day and helps with physical tasks like walking and carrying items. He also recognizes when Ian becomes anxious and helps to calm him down. “He is the best dog in the world,” says Ian.

Ian and Nelson Banner

Ian and Service Dog Nelson

Sabah & Skilled Companion Dog Winston

Sabah has cerebral palsy which caused developmental delays in both her fine and gross motor skills. Since Sabah is non-verbal, her mother Therese went through our Team Training Camp, and learned all 90 of the commands that would allow Winston to help Sabah to the fullest extent. Sabah has been a lifelong lover of animals, and Winston helps her by carrying her bags, calming her when she is stressed, and accompanying her to her day-program.

Sabah and Skiled Companion Dog Winston

Sabah and Skilled Companion Dog Winston

Blake & Service Dog Riggins 

Blake has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and uses a power wheelchair to assist with his mobility. When Blake was a freshmen in high school, he graduated from Assistance Dogs of Hawaii with his Service Dog Riggins, who has helped him to increase his independence by picking up objects, opening doors, turning on lights, and walking home from school. Blake is a huge Seattle sports fan, and loves going to Mariner’s games at Safeco Field. 

Blake and Service Dog Riggins

Blake and Service Dog Riggins

Casey & Service Dog Gabe 

Casey received Gabe as a successor dog when Hank, her first Service Dog, retired after more than 16 years.  Luckily, Gabe was the perfect fit. Casey suffered a stroke that left her with limited mobility, and Gabe helps Casey by retrieving and picking up objects, opening doors, and even getting clothes out of the dryer. 

Casey and Service Dog Gabe

Casey and Service Dog Gabe

Summer & Service Dog Trooper

Summer contracted Bacterial Meningitis, causing her to have all four limbs amputated. After the surgery, Summer was looking to gain more independence, get back out in the community and go to places like the mall or the movies. Trooper has been the perfect match as he picks up objects, throws things away, and makes Summer feel more comfortable whenever she goes in public, “When people see Trooper and I out, they don’t just see me without arms and legs in a wheelchair, they see me with my handsome Service Dog.”

Summer and Service Dog Trooper

Summer and Service Dog Trooper